Jeremy Thomasson


I spent 7 years of my youth in the piney woods of Southern Ark, surrounded by God’s creation. Looking back this was the first place, I began to see GOD well before I knew of him by name. The first hunting trip I recall was with my dad. We spent what felt like forever looking at tracks and signs. Finally, after eternity passed, we sat down at a tree with a natural blind. Doing so to cover our scent. After an hour and a good hard nap on my dad’s shoulder. I woke to him being gone and hearing the soft and subtle steps of something approaching. As I focused my eyes. I stiffened like a stone and listened with everything I had. I saw a spike approaching gently towards me. I was amazed and in awe. I watched this spike move closer and closer until it was within 10 feet of me. On the inside I was spinning 5000 mile per hour. What should I do? I can’t shoot him, dad’s got the gun. How do I get him? I’ll keep still and grab him. How do I hold him, by the antlers, by the neck? He keeps moving in closer and closer. My body was heavy and was wound like a spring. He steps closer and closer. Now I see the lashes on his eyes. It’s time, I think he went white as i jumped up. Frozen in time is this mount he’s thinking what just happened, what do i do? Then he bolts into the thickets and disappears.

Due to this and my other experiences being in GOD’s creation, I still get excited being outside and waiting to see what adventures GOD has instore. My heart comes alive when I’m able to share in the stories and adventures others have with the Lord. At this phase of my life I really desire to help Fathers and Sons create memories together and build their relationships. Lifes an incredible adventure, filled with special memories He’s planned from the foundation of the earth until it ends. This is what I hope others come to see from having a relationship with the LORD and share it with their families.

I most recently have been involved with a ministry called Summit Outdoor Leadership.