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Since 2001, New Wilderness Adventures has been focused on reaching men for Jesus and orienting them to God’s purpose for his life as a man. Today many men are aimless, confused, and hurt. We chase after women, jobs, wealth, toys, entertainment and the next big challenge hoping they will fulfill us as men and give us a sense of purpose and destiny. New Wilderness adventures is going after that man, to lead him to his true Father, where he will find what his heart longs for - the "life to the full" he so desires.

New Wilderness Adventures is committed to a God sized mission; facing the enemy head on in going after the hearts of men. One man living as a beloved son of The Father will impact his family, community and generations to come! The man is the mission.

If your heart longs for more, don't ignore it. Do yourself a favor and join us on an event. Don't hesitate to contact us, as always, you and your story are safe with us.

We are not interested in doing this alone. If you have a heart for men or fathering, contact us. We would love to jump into the "fox hole" with you organize or help do an adventure or event to wake men up and call them into their destiny.

Live in the North Carolina, Texas or Colorado area?  We have outposts (offices) in these areas.  Let us know if we can be of help to you, your church, or your men's ministry.

Call us at: 888-876-9294